API Documentation

Use the Underdog API to manage NFT Projects, mint transferable & non-transferable NFTs, and seamlessly integrate web3 into your product and workflows.

Getting Started

To get started, create a new Project in the Underdog Protocol Dashboard. Then read about how to make requests for the resources you need using our API.

Get your API Key ->

API Endpoints

The Underdog API supports Solana Mainnet-Beta and Solana Devnet. We recommend testing your implementation with our Devnet endpoint before moving to production. The Devnet endpoint is free to use while the Mainnet endpoint requires a subscription.



If you'd like to test out our API endpoints using Postman, you can do so at our public Underdog API workspace. There are both Devnet and Mainnet API collections within Postman.

To go in more depth on how to get started with our Postman workspace, follow the guide below.



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