Solana Mobile

Solana Mobile, creators of the SAGA, wanted to develop a unique rewards ecosystem for users who ordered the phone early. They aimed to integrate an identifier for SAGA phone ownership and a loyalty rewards system based on user activities, all within a tight timeline of ~1 month until launch.ChallengeSolana Mobile needed an all-in-one NFT management solution that:

  • Could be integrated directly into their phones

  • Provided an API for ecosystem partners to verify SAGA ownership

  • Tracked user activities and ownership in a non-transferable and updatable NFT

SolutionSolana Mobile partnered with Underdog to implement a dynamic digital collectible for SAGA phone users.

  • The Underdog API was integrated into the SAGA phones, verifying ownership and capturing holder activity within the dApp store. Collectible attributes were updated based on user activities, unlocking perks and rewards accordingly.

ResultsWith the Underdog integration, Solana Mobile:

  • Launched their rewards ecosystem with partners like Magic Eden, Audius, and Dialect

  • Minted 20,000 NFTs and introduced a Solana Mobile Welcome Pack for loyal customers

Implemented the rewards ecosystem within just 2 weeksHow Underdog HelpedUnderdog's Web3 API allowed Solana Mobile to seamlessly integrate NFTs into their phones, enhancing customer loyalty and engagement. Key benefits for Solana Mobile included:

  • Rapid implementation of a rewards ecosystem

  • Streamlined NFT management with the Underdog NFT API and Management Dashboard

  • Successful partnerships with ecosystem partners for a holistic rewards experience

  • Ability to identify their early adopters and add apps ways to identify their mobile users


  • Mint SAGA Token: A unique SAGA Token (NFT) is minted for each SAGA smartphone, representing ownership and serving as the foundation for the rewards ecosystem.

  • Soulbound to Your Phone: The SAGA Token is "soulbound" to the customer's phone, ensuring it is non-transferable and tied exclusively to that specific device.

  • Download and Use Apps: Customer activities, such as downloading and using apps, are tracked and linked to their SAGA Token.

  • NFT Updates: The SAGA Token's attributes are updated in real-time based on the customer's app usage and activities, unlocking new rewards tiers.

  • Accumulate XP/Points and Unlock Rewards: As users interact with apps on their SAGA smartphone, they accumulate experience points (XP) or other point systems linked to their SAGA Token, unlocking various rewards.

By leveraging Underdog's capabilities, Solana Mobile successfully implemented a unique rewards ecosystem that drove customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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