Transferable Projects

For Transferable Projects, the :transferable path param is set to t
This guide will walk through the process of setting up a Transferable Project and minting NFTs that are part of the Project.

Create a Transferable Project

Besides passing in the Project's name and image, you'll need to set the transferable to true in the request body.
Example Request Body
"name": "Transferable Project",
"description": "Description for your transferable project",
"image": "",
"transferable": true

API Reference

Mint a Transferable NFT

Besides setting the metadata like name, description, image, and attributes, you can also specify a receiver for your NFT.
When the receiver is set, the NFT will be minted directly to the receiver's address.
If you don't set a receiver, the NFT will be minted to the wallet associated to the API Key in the request.

API Reference