Parcl, a real estate De-Fi platform on Solana, integrated Underdog to enhance user engagement and grow their community. Underdog's NFT capabilities enabled Parcl to reward early adopters, foster exclusive communities, and achieve a successful launch with minimal engineering resources.GoalsParcl aimed to:
  • Reward early users for their platform usage
  • Offer access to exclusive communities within the platform
  • Ensure a quick turnaround of approximately 2 weeks for the launch
Parcl's requirements included:
  • Comprehensive NFT management (minting, updating, managing)
  • Seamless integration with their app
  • Minimal engineering resources for integration
SolutionParcl partnered with Underdog to integrate their API into the platform's dApp, allowing for comprehensive NFT management and a seamless user experience.
  • The Dynamic Digital Collectible tracked user trading activity and evolved based on users' actions, granting access to rewards such as NFTs, points, USDC, and more.
ResultsWith the Underdog integration, Parcl:
  • Successfully implemented the solution in just 2 weeks
  • Onboarded 500 new users during the #SOLMate campaign
How Underdog Helped
  • Underdog's Web3 API allowed Parcl to integrate NFTs seamlessly into their platform, with minimal engineering resources required.
  • This resulted in a boost in user engagement, rewarding users, and fostering a sense of community within the platform.
Key benefits for Parcl:
  • Comprehensive NFT management tools
  • Simplified NFT integration for a variety of products
  • Enhanced user engagement through gamification
  • Customizable reward system for user retention
Next Steps
  • Parcl plans to launch a recurring Rewards Program using badges and on-chain points, further enhancing user engagement and community growth.
About Parcl
  • Parcl is a real estate de-fi platform on Solana that allows traders to invest in different markets around the world. Underdog Features Used
  • NFT Management API
  • Dynamic Digital Collectibles
  • Gamification and Reward Systems
Impressive Results
  • 2-week implementation time
  • 500 new users onboarded
By leveraging Underdog's capabilities, Parcl achieved its goals of rewarding early adopters, promoting platform usage, and fostering a thriving community.