Non-Transferable Projects

Non-Transferable Projects allow you to mint Non-Transferable NFTs that can be claimed by your community, product users, or customers

For Non-Transferable Projects, the :transferable path param is set to n

This guide will walk through the process of setting up a Non-Transferable Project, minting NFTs that are part of the Project, and claiming the NFT.

Create a Non-Transferable Project

Besides passing in the Project's name and image, you'll need to set the transferable to false in the request body.

Example Request Body
    "name": "Project #420",
    "image": "",
    "transferable": false

API Reference

pageCreate a Project

Mint a Non-Transferable NFT

Non-Transferable NFTs are lazily minted. When you create an NFT through the API or the Underdog dashboard, the metadata is prepared to be minted and then minted on-chain when it is claimed.

Non-Transferable NFTs can be updated before they are actually minted through the update and partial update endpoints.

The claimer is determined by the optional claimerAddress in the request body.

Setting a Claimer

When the receiverAddress is set in the request body, only the specified address can mint and claim the NFT.

When you know the claimer address ahead of time, this ensures that the Non-Transferable NFT is claimed by the right claimer. Only a wallet with the specified receiverAddress can sign the transaction to claim the NFT.

Without a Claimer Address

If you don't know the receiverAddress ahead of time, you can exclude it from the request body. This generate a one-time password (OTP) that can be used to claim the NFT.

The OTP must be passed in along with the claimer address to generate the claim transaction for the Non-Transferable NFT. This will be covered in more detail in the next section.

API Reference

pageCreate an NFT

Claim a Non-Transferable NFT

Once you've created your NFT, you can send the claim link to your desired claimer. The claim page sends a POST request to the API that generate a transaction the claimer can sign to mint & claim the NFT.

Claiming the NFT requires the claimer to sign the transaction. The claimer pays the rent and networks fees to mint the NFT.

API Reference

pageGenerate Claim LinkpageGenerate Claim Transaction

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